Anxiety and Panic

This map organizes the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and panic symptoms within the context of individual outpatient psychotherapy. As with the other maps, it considers treatment as a single process with many variations, and it orders the presentation from beginning to end of treatment.

You can start looking at the map by clicking on Map 1A in the navigation bar. If you have a particular patient in mind, think of him/her as you go through the flow chart. Whenever you have a question about one of the boxes on the map, refer to the associated section of text by clicking on it in the drop-down menu associated with the map.

What follows is a preliminary draft of an approach to treating anxiety and panic. It was originated by Thad R. Harshbarger, Ph.D., who is also editing revisions.

There are many places in this coverage that need revision and expansion. Please make suggestions in the bulletin boards associated with the maps

Additional references would also be helpful, especially if they are very specific.