Who Can Contribute
This is a professional site for psychotherapists and other professionals in related fields. Others are welcome both to make use of the material and to contribute, but everyone must register in order to contribute to the bulletin boards.

Reasons to Participate
If you have relevant knowledge and experience, please share it with the rest of us, by posting suggestions and modifications where they are needed. That way, we can develop a public resource based on our pooled backgrounds.

Changes in the Site
The map makes explicit what is needed at every stage of treatment. Because of that feature, errors and omissions are more flagrant than in texts and papers.
These features- incompleteness and errors – are inevitable in any statement about the current state of knowledge. The plan here was, and still is, to get the project started, even though this is not a finished product, and ask for your help in improving it. As new information comes in, the maps will be revised to include it. In this way, we can expand the coverage over time and keep the material as current and comprehensive as possible.

How to Contribute
Comments and suggestions can be made on the companion site, TreatmentMaps.com. They will be reviewed periodically and the maps altered as needed. All suggestions will be taken seriously and incorporated into the documents if helpful.

Suggested Kinds of Contributions
You can make any of a variety of suggestions and contributions -anything that will improve the ability of the site to help other professionals in their work.
• practical ideas about the treatment of a particular set of symptoms
• better ways of handling situations
• references that provide additional information or greater detail
• names of consultants who can help with a particular problem
• tools, equipment or supplies
• training courses that address a specific issue
• content of particular sections
• useful references
• errors and corrections
• better choices
• organization of the site
• form and logic of the flow charts

How Contributions Are Processed
New information will be added to the site as follows:
1. Someone makes a comment in a bulletin board on TreatmentMaps.com.
2. Others react
3. The administrator reviews the comment and reactions to it, and modifies the text of map accordingly.
4. Others react to the change, and the process continues.
This is a form of open peer review in at least two ways:
― all contributors are identified, and all phases of the contribution and revision process are public; and
― there is no time limit on suggesting constructive changes to any part of the site.

Sending Copyrighted Material
All the material on the site is protected by US and international copyright laws and by other applicable laws.
If information you have provided is included on the site, it will most likely be re-written to be consistent with the language already used. Sometimes, however, it will make sense to include the material of others verbatim.
Whenever you submit material here, indicate whether it is under copyright by you or someone else. If so, provide standard citation form. If reproduction is restricted, the nature of the restrictions must be clear.
If you have written material appropriate to the site and don’t indicate otherwise, it will be included under the Treatment Maps copyrights and made public under the license.
You may use the information on this site in treatment in any way you wish, within the limits of the license and copyright laws.

Thank you for your patience.